Dr. Elaine Burroughs

Geography Researcher and University Lecturer/Tutor. Research Interests Include: Migration, "Illegal" Immigration, Discourse Analysis, Inequality, Power, National Identity

Seven Migration Myths

Last month Professor Hein de Haas from the University of Oxford and Maastricht University published an insightful article entitled “Human Migration: Myths, Hysteria and Facts”. These myths include both right- and left-wing conceptualizations: … Continue reading

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Syrian Refugees in Europe

  UNHCR has published a list of the number of Syrian refugees European countries and other western countries are willing to accommodate. As you can see from the diagram above the … Continue reading

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World Cup Brazil 2014 – A Great Success?

As the World Cup comes to a close today, the general consensus seems to be that it was an overall success. Indeed, a lot of  the first round games were … Continue reading

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In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration Conference

  This week, a conference entitled “In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration” was held in the University of Limerick. The aim of the conference was to untangle in how … Continue reading

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No Human Being is Illegal

  This print is produced by Favianna Rodriguez, the US based artist and activist. She produced it in response to the Associated Press’ decision to stop using the word “illegal” and in honour of … Continue reading

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Undocumented Irish and Undocumented in Ireland

Kenny and Obama in the White House (RTE, 2014) MRCI Campaign Poster (MRCI, 2014) Photographs in Solidarity for the Undocumented in Ireland (Twitter, 2014) Every year the occasion of St. Patrick’s day provides an … Continue reading

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Aerial Photograph of Refugee Camp in DRC

Celine Schmitt from the UNHCR tweeted this powerful photograph of a refugee camp in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These people are fleeing the Central African Republic (CAR). For more information … Continue reading

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