Dr. Elaine Burroughs

Geography Researcher and University Lecturer/Tutor. Research Interests Include: Political, Cultural and Critical Geography; Migration; Governance and Governmentality; Identity Construction and Representation; Critical Discourse Analysis; Political Discourse; Media Discourse; Visual Communication.

Migration Definitions

The European Migration Network (which is part of the European Commission) recently published the third edition of a very large glossary containing over 400 migration-related terms. The EMN state that … Continue reading

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Publication: Representations of ‘illegal immigration’ in the Irish Newsprint Media

A paper I wrote entitled “Discursive representations of ‘illegal immigration’ in the Irish newsprint media: The domination and multiple facets of the ‘control’ argumentation” has been published in the journal Discourse and Society. It is … Continue reading

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Book review of “Life Interrupted. Trafficking into Forced Labor in the United States”

My review of “Life Interrupted. Trafficking into Forced Labor in the United States” by Denise Brennan has been published in Emotion, Space and Society. It can be accessed at: http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1Q48a6F9IF6llh

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Lives in Limbo – Asylum Seekers in Ireland

    A section entitled “Lives in Limbo” on the The Irish Times website details the lives of migrants (asylum-seekers) residing in Ireland’s direct provision centres. It contains information on these … Continue reading

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History of Philosophy Chart

  For those interested in philosophy and the history of philosophical thought this chart is a great quick-guide resource.

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A Guide to Philosophy and Learning in University

The Pink Guide to Philosophy, introduces philosophy in a clear and concise manner and discusses various myths about philosophy. Although this guide is aimed at philosophy students, I think that … Continue reading

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50 Influential Books of the Last 50 Years

  SuperScholar lists the most influential books of the last 50 years. Note that this is not a list of the most enjoyable books, but the books that had most influence … Continue reading

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