Lampedusa Tragedy 03/10/2013


The deaths of so many “illegal”/”unauthorized” migrants last Thursday are quite tragic. Unfortunately, this is not an unusal event. Indeed, many migrants die each year trying to gain entry to Europe. Therefore, I find it surprising that this case has gained so much media attention. Perhaps it is the sheer number of people who died (hundreds) and the many bodies that still have to be recovered that have merited a relatively high reaction from the media. It would be helpful if the mainstream media went beyond the reporting of basic events and offered some analysis and broader context. With no critique of broader events one might gain an impression of a “flood” or a “wave” (a phrase often used by media outlets and politicians) of non-EU migrants attempting to gain access to Europe. Discussions on the strict controls that are placed upon non-EU migrants are missing from the general discourse of “illegal” migration.

Further details of the tragic events that occurred off Lampedusa island, Italy are available here:

Interesting analysis of this case and the broader issues surrounding the travelling of migrants to Europe without authorization are available here:


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