Irish Newsprint Media Articles that Discuss Migration (2012): Initial Results



Data Sourced from (Search Term: Migration)

  • Finding 1: The topic of migration was mainly covered by the Irish Times.
Newspapers Percentage of   Publications
Irish Times 49%
Irish Independent and Sunday Independent 15%
Irish Examiner 12%
Irish Daily Mail 9%
The Mirror and Sunday Mirror 15%
  • Finding 2:   The majority of articles concentrated upon the Irish context.
The Geographical Focus of the Articles
Ireland 60%
UK 9%
Europe 13%
Middle East 2%
USA 1%
Canada 6%
Australia 9%
  • Finding 3: The articles discussed emigration and immigration to quite similar levels.

The focus of the articles are relatively even between emigration and immigration. 51% of articles discuss emigration, 46% concentrate upon immigration, and 3% of articles discuss both topics. The high levels of articles that discuss emigration reflect the broad concern within Irish society of people emigrating due to the economic downturn and a lack of employment. The articles about immigration generally focus on how immigrants can benefit the Irish economy, statistics on the number of “new” Irish, the linking of migrants with criminal activities, and concern over visa amendments/regulations.

This cohort of data (102 articles) will be deconstructed in further detail in the coming weeks. The aim of this work will be to identify the broader discourses that are occurring about migration and what these discourses reflect about how the Irish newsprint media conceptualize migration during 2012.


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