Map of Places of Detention in Europe


Recently, the group European Alternatives discussed an important map compiled by Migreurop. This map documents places of detention for migrants who do not have official permission to reside/work in European countries. Migreurop have undertaken this research, as there are no official records of these locations.

The most striking element of this map is the sheer number of places that are used to detain migrants. Furthermore, between 2000 and 2012 the number of detention centers increases from 324 to 473.

From the map, it appears that migrants in Ireland, who do not have permission to be in the State, are detained in prison facilities. The main area of detention is the Dublin region, where five prisons are utilized. Four prisons are identified for the rest of the country. It must be noted that these detention centers/prisons are different from “direct provision” centers (former nursing homes, hotels, army barracks, and holiday villages) where those claiming asylum reside. It is also evident from the map that the approach in the UK is quite different from Ireland, as migrants in the UK are detained in designated “camps for foreigners” and not in prisons.


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