A Guide to Philosophy and Learning in University


The Pink Guide to Philosophy, introduces philosophy in a clear and concise manner and discusses various myths about philosophy. Although this guide is aimed at philosophy students, I think that this resource would be really useful to all social science undergraduates, as it offers a range of advice on studying in university. Beginning with ten tips on studying, the site then outlines “how to read”, “how to write”, “writing do’s and don’ts”, and “how to revise”. Compiled by Professor Helena de Bres, this website offers practical advice and is a great resource for students.


50 Influential Books of the Last 50 Years



SuperScholar lists the most influential books of the last 50 years. Note that this is not a list of the most enjoyable books, but the books that had most influence in society.

Books from this list that I plan on reading in the near future include:

Chinua Achebe (1958) Things Fall Apart

Toni Morrison (1987) Beloved

Allan Bloom (1987) The Closing of the American Mind

Umberto Eco (1980) The Name of the Rose

Daniel Goleman (1995) Emotional Intelligence