New Book Chapter


The Edited Book “Public and Political Discourses of Migration” has now been published and I am delighted to have my chapter included:  Chapter 8 “Irregular Migrants in Ireland and the United States of America: Discursive Representations by Irish Parliamentary Members”.

Full details on the book are available here:


New Book: Political and Media Discourses of Illegal Immigration in Ireland

Book Cover

Nomos have just published my book “Political and Media Discourses of Illegal Immigration in Ireland”, which is based on my PhD research. It is the first book in the series entitled Political Discourses. To view the table of contents click here. The book is available from the Nomos website (here) and Amazon (here).

Syrian Refugees in Europe



UNHCR has published a list of the number of Syrian refugees European countries and other western countries are willing to accommodate. As you can see from the diagram above the figure Europe has agreed to is quite small compared to Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. Below is a full list of the exact number pledged. Ireland has only agreed to take 310 refugees. When I wrote about this issue previously Ireland had only pledged 90 places, so at least there has been a slight increase on that figure. Germany has doubled the number of places – from 10,000 to 20,000. A detailed report from the UNHCR about this issue is available here.



Top 10 Migration Issues of 2013 (Number 10 to 6)


The Migration Information Source recently published their list of the top 10 migration issues of the year.

Issue 10: The Treatment of Migrant Workers in Qatar

Issue 9: Golden Dawn Declared a Criminal Organization in Greece

Issue 8: Immigration Control and “Unauthorized” Immigration

Issue 7: The US Immigration Bill

Issue 6: Many Governments Review their Immigration Policies

Click here to view issues number 10 to 6 in detail. The top 5 issues will be published shortly.

“Illegal Migrants” Detained in Libyan Zoo


This week the Times (UK) reported that a significant number of “illegal” African migrants are being detained in a Libyan zoo. These migrants were arrested while attempting to reach Europe (often by boat to the island of Lampedusa – previously discussed here). This site (the Zoo) is being used as a temporary detention centre. There are a number of these types of detention centres in countries surrounding Europe and they are used to try to prevent migrants travelling illegally to Europe. On so many levels it seems quite shocking that people are being detained in such circumstances.

More details are  available here: